Zambia Group is a student run organization at Kungsholmens Gymnasium (KG) located in Stockholm, Sweden. The organization was founded in 2002 by a group of students who had gotten the opportunity to visit schools in Zambia and realised what difference they could potentially make by financing education for children who could not afford to go to school. This realization is what then spurred the students into founding Zambia Group, a group that since its inception has been a huge part of KG’s student life.


Zambia Group is a charity organization which is founded upon the belief of the importance of education. We believe, as the educational reformer Horace Mann so eloquently put it: “Education then, beyond all other devices of human origin, is a great equalizer of the conditions of men”. We want to work towards a more equal world, and it is our belief that education is the way to achieve this. Our goal is to provide education to as many children as possible, to give these children a chance at a better future. To achieve this the group works throughout the year to collect as much money as possible through different activities, sales etc. Towards the end of the year this money is transferred to our partner schools in Zambia who then will use the money to pay for tuition for students who could not afford to pay for tuition themselves. Zambia Group is very proud to say that in the spring of 2017 we managed to sponsor 22 students who would not have been able to continue their education if it were not for our sponsorship.


Today Zambia Group has a very good, and long, relationship with two schools in Zambia: Chinika High School and Hillcrest National Technical High School. Chinika High School is a school located in Kanyama in Lusaka, the capital of Zambia. Hillcrest National Technical High School is a boarding school located in Livingstone, a city in southern Zambia. Both schools do an incredible job of educating their students and Zambia Group is very proud to have such a good relationship with them both.


Historically and presently Zambia Group has been very successful with their work. This prosperity is all thanks to the continuous engagement in the group by the student body at Kungsholmens Gymnasium. Their dedication is what has made Zambia Group what it is today, but more importantly: it is what has given many children a chance at a greater life, a life of more opportunity and prosperity.


Every year a group of students and teachers from the course Global Health and Development travel to Zambia to visit Hillcrest National Technical High School in Livingstone and Chinika High School in Lusaka.
During the trip students and teachers stay with Zambian host families and participate in school lectures. The trip has given many opportunities to interesting and different study visits where questions about human rights, global health and development have been in focus. It has also given new perspectives, knowledge and in-depth understanding of development issues and cultural differences. When opportunity is given, Zambian school staff visit Kungsholmens Gymnasium. The trip to Sweden has shown to be equally interesting and rewarding for both Swedes and Zambians as the trip to Zambia.


Along with discussing questions regarding human rights and global health and development, the purpose of the trip is to encourage and enhance international relations. Through the meetings students, teachers and other administral staff learn about each other and the cultural differences. The knowledge received from this does not stay within the traveling group, it is later on shared with other peers from school and outside of school.
The meetings between Swedes and Zambians have mutually been challenging, rewarding, informative, joyful, and sometimes problematic. Through these meetings one has to view themselves, others, and our shared world in new perspectives. The cooperation is based on the idea that the dissemination of experiences takes place in the long term and sustainable way through the participants in a deeper and long lasting way. In the encounter with other, these experiences are spread.


This year's trip took place between the 16th and 26th of March. You can see photos from the trip by clicking here.


We are constantly working to raise money to fund children's education in our partner schools in Zambia. Our goal is to provide equal education for as many children as possible. One school year for a student at Chinika High School, located in Lusaka, does not cost more than around 1000 SEK (125 USD). Since our annual meeting (June 2017), Zambia Group has raised more than 48 000 SEK. With this money we managed to sponsor 27 children at Chinika High School and 9 children at Hillcrest National Technical High School for a whole year. A small donation can make a big difference!


There is currently only one way of making a donation. That is through transferring money directly to our bank account. Donate any amount to our account number, 6128 716729768. The account is connected to the Swedish bank Handelsbanken.

Board of 2018/2019

Eveline Aroka
Malin Jerreling
Vice President
Karin Oldsjö
Axel Källenius
Business Organizer
Linnea Skoog
Finance Manager
Sarah Sodini
Head of Sales
Berenike Berglund
Event Manager
Cathrine Steene
Head of PR
Emil Werner
Head of PR